Sunday, October 30, 2011

Will you NaNo?

Last year, I opted not to participate in NaNoWriMo. I had started a manuscript called A Thousand Words when I got hit with the idea for what would eventually earn the tentative title of A Question Of Lust. (How's that for non-committal?) As I started flushing out the idea, Sierra Godfrey and I had a little informal contest where we saw who could write more by January 1.

Let me tell you, there is NOTHING more motivating than seeing a word count total pop up in your email.

This year is a little different. I'm in the editing process of AQOL, and thanks to some critical feedback, I'm trying to reframe the starting point for one of the leads. I also have a wonderful new idea that I firmly believe will be entertaining and unique; I've done some plotting and a few character-sketch scenes, but no real solid work on it.

So that leaves me with the impending NaNo. Do I focus on editing so I can get that out the door and begin the query process? Or do I try to hammer out 50k words on this new idea? Or maybe a compromise solution for both?

I'll probably stick with the last idea. I figure as long as SOME progress is being made, I should be happy, even if it doesn't come with the official NaNo criteria. It's all done in the name of motivation, after all.

Will you NaNo this year? Or are you going to work on other projects?


  1. I NaNo'd last year. It was fun, especially with friends and family members also participating. I found myself making time to write whenever possible, even texting myself chunks while out at the store or whatever.

    Currently my focus is on polishing up short stories and brainstorming for a novel, so I'm going to sit out NaNo. Hopefully I'll be able to capture a bit of that same inspiration and work ethic from last year.

  2. No I'm not doing it! But if you're up for a little challenge...